Pupil Parliament

The parliament consists of eight children across Key Stage 2 who will form the members of our Discovery House of Commons. From these eight children, two will be selected by the school to become ‘Minister’ for Discovery Cabinet where children undertake tasks to review issues and motions raised to involve children in the direction of the Trust. These motions will be then debated in the Discovery House of Commons and votes cast to pass or decline the motions. There four areas of focus for the House of Commons which together cover all aspects of the children’s learning experience are:

RoleElected Member
The ArtsTBA
Well BeingTBA
Literature and LearningTBA

The structure and model of our parliament is based on the structure we have at Westminster and will give children a better understanding of how our political system works and how they can be involved.

The aim of the Parliament is to give children a greater voice in the direction of their education and opportunities to work between all the schools in our academy trust. Each school organises their own in-school election process and children can elect their peers to represent them and debate focus areas.

Children lucky enough to represent their peers and school are very enthusiastic, have a passion for their school and are interested in making a difference. They do not need high literacy or numeracy skills just the commitment to complete the tasks given to them with a smile.