As you are aware Coronavirus cases are continuing to increase across the world, with some countries going into to lock down to reduce the spread and contain the virus as much as possible.

The Department for Education advice continues to be focusing on promoting good hygiene and we have been talking to the children in assemblies and classes about washing hands, respiratory hygiene by coughing and sneezing into a clean tissues, etc.

These two links are both useful and updated regularly with information:

Other information can be found at:

If you have travelled abroad you must check these websites to get advice on what action you should take.

Any concerns or queries please contact the school.

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Watch the wonderful Mr T 's adaptation of this classic children's book. Whether you rap it or not, Julia Donaldson's 'The Gruffalo' is a must read for all children.

To see more amazing Carpool Readeoke from around our trust, please click here.

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