Attendance Matters

Children are welcome to come into class from 8.30am for a gentle calm start to the morning.

This is also a chance for parents and teachers to have a quick catch up before the day begins.

Members of the senior leadership team are out on the playground to talk to most mornings and at the end of most school days.

Late arrivals cause disruption to the class and beginning of your child’s day.

Please ensure that you make arrangements for your child to arrive at school on time.

Medical Appointments

If it is necessary to have a medical appointment during school hours please try to arrange it so that your child is absent for the afternoon.

We will also require a photocopy of an appointment card in order to record the absence as medical.

Routine dental and doctor appointments should, where possible, be made after school.

Reporting an Absence

In order to record your child’s absence correctly, we would ask that if it is necessary for you to keep your child off from school that you advise the school by:

Ringing the school office on the first day of absence on 0116 2858130.


On the first day of return send a dated letter explaining the absence.


Speak directly to your child’s Teacher or the Office.

If we receive no communication from you, we are legally required to record a mark of unauthorised absence; this could result in the Education Welfare Officer being contacted.

We are not able to accept an explanation of absence from your child.

Please help us to record your child’s absence accurately.