Our Vision

What our vision means here at Braunstone Community Primary School!

  • In one word our vision means – EVERYTHING!
  • Our four words of Belong, Care, Persevere, Succeed runs through the school in everyway. It is our taught curriculum, our way of life, how we act and how we react to the world around us, it is our social, emotional and personal development….it is what defines us as a school and as a family. It is everything.
  • It enables school colleagues, children, parents/carers to: “Be the Best Version of you!”













Belong - 🏡 

  • Our 1st word is Belong!
  • The house represents – our home…we all belong here as a family in this school (our home).
  • It does not matter who you are – you belong here with us.
  • The children see themselves and see others that are different to them:
    – in our curriculum
    in the visitors we invite to the school
    in the trips we organise
    in the enrichment activities we provide.

Care - 💗

  • Our 2nd word is Care!
  • The heart represents – LOVE…we love our school, we love the people who work here, we love our community and most importantly we love the children!
  • We make sure that we look out for each other and that children understand the importance of looking after themselves.
  • The children are shown how to care for others, the school, their community, the city of Leicester, the country and the world. They do this through:
    • Our curriculum
    • Charity work
    • Environmental work
    • Healthy schools
    • Green flag

Persevere - 🦋

  • Our 3rd word is Persevere!
  • The butterfly represents – continuous improvement… This video clip talks about “Austin’s Butterfly” where we got the idea from… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E_6PskE3zfQ
  • We ensure that children have the chance to improve their work – through detailed and specific feedback. We NEVER give up and we ALWAYS try our best!
  • We help them to be the best versions of themselves through our discussions about how we interact with each other and how we can always improve what we do and how we do things.
  • The children and adults that work at the school know that trying their best is all that we can ask of ourselves … but for them to try their best they must always look at how they can improve on the amazing things they are already doing!

Succeed - 🏆

  • Our 4th word is Succeed!
  • The trophy represents – achievement of hitting a target or achieving a goal!
  • We encourage children and staff to set their own targets as well as having targets set for them by the school. They decide what they want to improve.
  • For example – children may chose to improve: handwriting, timestables, behaviour, sports or anything they think would help them be a better version of themselves.
  • We then make sure that we celebrate those achievements with the child. This is done in the class, it could be through our weekly celebration assemblies or it could be through our end of year awards ceremony.
  • We celebrate others successes as if it was our own success. We cheer each other on here!